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How to Show Accident Damage and Prove Who’s At Fault in an Accident Claim

Showing proof that someone caused your car accident damage and injuries is far more than he-said, she-said. If you’re preparing to file a car accident claim, simply pointing the finger won’t cut it. It takes several pieces of evidence to show accident damages and to prove who’s at fault. 

two men arguing about car accident damage
Pointing fingers won’t cut it after an accident. Here’s what kind of evidence you need to prove accident damage and who was at fault.

If you don’t know what kind of evidence to include in your car accident claim, consult a skilled Corpus Christi car accident attorney at The Burkett Law Firm. We’re three generations of injury attorneys fighting for accident victims across Texas. You can rest assured knowing your claim will be handled with the genuine expertise of professional investigators who know exactly how to prove who was at fault.

Evidence that shows accident damage and proves fault in an accident claim

The following documents and pieces of information will allow you to show your accident damages and prove who was responsible:

1. Corpus Christi police report

Police reports can help you prove fault because they provide the official statement from the officer about what happened. The police report reveals helpful information such as:

  • Time, date, and location of the accident.
  • Contact information for anyone involved in the accident.
  • Weather and road conditions at the time of accident.
  • Statements from witnesses.
  • Diagram or map of the accident.
  • Citations or tickets issued for road violations.

You can request a driver’s crash report from the Corpus Christi Police Department in person or online at a cost of $6.

2. Car accident photos

You want to take as many pictures as possible after the accident. To build a strong car accident claim or personal injury lawsuit against the other driver, you should take photos of the following:

  • Damage to the vehicle, inside and outside.
  • Weather and road conditions.
  • Debris in the road and tire skid marks.
  • Traffic lights and signs near the scene of the accident.
  • Your injuries.

Photos are key pieces of evidence to show how the accident happened, and who may have been at fault. For example, depending on how the cars are positioned after the accident, this can be enough to indicate that the other driver violated road rules. The location of the vehicle damage also helps to prove fault.

3. Car accident video surveillance and footage

Video footage and surveillance from dash cams and security cameras in the area (like a nearby grocery store) provides a clear indication of the who, what, when, and where of the accident from a neutral point of view.

Obtaining video footage is not easy and you have to make sure the owner of the security camera video preserves this piece of evidence so you can use it to support your accident claim. 

4. Social media posts

At times, the social media posts made by the other driver can be used to show who was at fault. If the other driver posts videos or messages that admit fault, these can help your claim. Just be careful not to post anything about the accident on your own social media accounts, even if they’re set to private.

5. Personal records

medical records used to show accident damage
Medical records and bills showing treatment for injuries can help strengthen your accident claim.

Employment records like paycheck stubs and doctor’s notes can help show that you were injured in the accident, and that you suffered other damages like having to take time off work and losing income. You can also include medical records like x-rays, medications, and medical bills.

6. Accident witness testimony

Witness statements can be excellent forms of evidence because like accident videos, they come from a neutral point of view. Because of their outsider perspective, witnesses can also provide important details about the cause of the accident that you or the other driver involved may have missed.

7. Expert testimony

Sometimes it takes a professional to explain how the accident took place and the injuries you suffered. An expert can offer specialized knowledge and opinion in areas like the medical field, vehicle mechanics or even roadway construction. The Corpus Christi injury attorneys at The Burkett Law Firm can help you find these experts to support your accident claim.

Our investigators will put together the accident damage evidence for you while you recover

When you need help with finding accident witnesses, videos, experts, and more for your car accident claim, contact the Corpus Christi car accident attorneys at The Burkett Law Firm. Since 1960, we’ve helped injured residents throughout Texas obtain justice and compensation. Our team of professional investigators and medical experts will do everything possible to prove your accident damages and who was at fault. It’s not just a case with us. It’s your life. Give us a call today or contact us online for a free consultation.


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