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Corpus Christi Auto Accident

What to Do After a Corpus Christi Auto Accident

Step-by-Step: What to Do After a Car Accident in Texas

Pull Over to Ensure Everyone is Okay

corpus christi auto accident Check everyone in your car when you stop your automobile in a safe area of the road. If someone is hurt, you need to contact 911 and know how to calmly report the injuries. Your location will be necessary to the operator. Consequently, be ready to offer a street name or other useful information. The operator will probably enquire about the injuries and maybe give you guidance.

Report the Accident to Corpus Christi Police

It is against the law to keep quiet about an accident that leaves someone hurt or dead. According to Texas law, a driver of a motor vehicle who is engaged in a collision that causes injuries or fatalities must immediately stop the automobile at the scene of the collision. Check to see if anyone hurt in the collision needs assistance. After that, notify the sheriff’s office or local police agency of the accident. You must stay on the scene of the accident until your obligation to provide assistance and information has been fulfilled.

Give thorough and exact details when you submit a report and the police come. At a later time, you might ask for a copy of the police report. You may use the Crash Report Online Purchase system to get a copy of your auto accident report, according to the Texas Department of Transportation.

Gather the Necessary Information

Take advantage of the time as you wait for the police to come to learn more about the other motorist. This information includes the name, address, insurance policy number, license plate number, make, and model of the other driver’s car. Additionally, you should collect as much information as you can regarding other aspects of the accident site. Take photographs, speak with witnesses, and ask for contact details. Make notes on what transpired as well. It’s best if you have as much documentation about your accident as possible.

After a vehicle accident, gathering evidence is sometimes impossible, especially if you need to get medical attention right away due to serious injuries. If this applies to you, don’t be concerned; your vehicle accident lawyer can go to the scene of the accident afterward and gather evidence on your side.

Go to the Hospital

If you are critically hurt, skip the previous measures and go to the hospital right away. A major injury is one that limits your ability to move or is critical enough to cause lifelong disability or death without prompt medical attention. If you are not gravely hurt, proceed with the aforementioned instructions. For your wounds, get medical attention as soon as you can. Keep complete records of your injuries and all visits to the doctor.

Make an Insurance Company Call

Regardless of who was at blame, you should report the vehicle accident to your own insurance provider as soon as you can. You may be entitled to reimbursement from your own insurance provider if you caused the accident and have specific insurance coverages, such as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. Your insurance may still compel you to report an accident even if you weren’t at fault.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

It’s crucial to choose a qualified auto accident attorney after being involved in a collision. Even if you believe that you do not require legal representation and that your insurance provider will be on your side, it is nearly always to your best advantage to get legal representation.

At the Burkett Law Firm, we are aware of the numerous problems auto accident victims experience, such as the suffering caused by physical injuries, the high cost of medical care, the headaches associated with filing an auto insurance claim, and the inconvenience of being without a car. After a car, truck, or motorcycle accident in Corpus Christi, Texas, our knowledgeable and sympathetic accident attorneys may greatly reduce your stress.

In addition to obtaining the required medical documents for insurance claims, our staff will recommend patients to doctors for treatment of injuries. Along with reviewing and processing any insurance claim papers, we will also take care of all communication and, if necessary, discussions with the insurance companies. A Corpus Christi automobile accident lawyer will also gather crucial information to create a compelling case, such as witness statements and accident scene photos, and can even help you have your car fixed or replaced. Our aim is to vigorously pursue the highest compensation possible for your losses and injuries while defending your legal rights. In the event that litigation is required, we will present your case in court. We are here to defend you.

How Can a Corpus Christi Auto Accident Lawyer Help?

It’s extremely important to find an attorney after an auto accident, especially if the accident resulted in someone getting hurt or significant property damage. But what exactly can a personal injury lawyer do?

An accident lawyer helps victims build personal injury cases and pursue damages from negligent drivers. Car accidents can result in serious wounds that may take months or even years to properly heal. Frequently, victims never fully recover and are left with lasting disabilities. Auto accident lawyers are aware of this as well as the laws regulating personal injury and vehicle accidents. “Car accident lawyers” are Texas personal injury attorneys who concentrate on the tort law of auto accidents as it relates to specific Texas laws. In a number of ways, they could help you pursue the greatest degree of compensation. If you were hurt in a car crash but weren’t at fault because of someone else’s negligence, an injury accident lawyer can help you build your case and ask for damages to be paid. The team at The Burkett Law Firm can begin assembling your case with a free consultation.

If you’ve been thinking, “I wish I could find a good auto accident lawyer near me,” you’re in luck. The talented and experienced car accident lawyers at The Burkett Law Firm are ready to defend you or get you the compensation you deserve after a car accident that left you injured or with damaged property. Call our firm today at 361-223-6862 or via our website to set up an initial consultation at our Corpus Christi office. We understand that this may be a very uncertain and difficult time for you– and we’re here to help.

Corpus Christi’s Top Auto Accident Lawyer Near Me

Financial hardship and significant injury can result from a vehicle accident. Medical fees, rehab costs, and missed wages from being unable to work are losses. Depending on the victim’s prognosis, these losses may persist for quite a while or even permanently if disability occurs. Although the law gives you the right to seek full compensation for these losses, the procedure can be difficult and drawn out. Trust The Burkett Law Firm to handle your accident claim whether you have been harmed in a vehicle accident or if someone dear to you has been killed or suffered significant injuries. We are prepared to fight for the just and sufficient recompense you require, thanks to the dedication of our Corpus Christi automobile accident attorneys.

Remember that your safety and the safety of your passengers should come first if you are in a vehicle accident. In summary, you should follow these steps:

  • To prevent a second collision, move your car off the road if at all feasible. If not, place flares or neon triangles to warn and reroute approaching vehicles.
  • Keep your vehicle and your passengers out of the way of traffic.
  • If you can, provide any essential first assistance.
  • To seek assistance from the police and ambulance, dial 911.
  • If you feel secure doing so, get the other driver’s license and insurance information. Otherwise, wait for the cops while you remain in your car.
  • Discussing how the collision occurred with other drivers is not a good idea.
  • Visit an emergency room and have yourself examined.
  • Inform your insurance provider.
  • Contact one of our attorneys.

Your post-crash behavior can have a significant impact on your capacity to obtain financial compensation. If you put off seeking a medical exam, a defendant’s insurance company can argue that your injuries were caused by a subsequent incident. Even if you apologize shortly after an incident, the defense attorney for the defendant can argue that it amounts to an admission of guilt on your behalf. Keep your composure, speak as little as possible, and get in touch with our Corpus Christi auto accident attorneys to make sure your chances of recovering are not jeopardized.

The Corpus Christi-based Burkett Law Firm offers strong advocacy in matters involving auto accidents. Call 361-223-6862 or submit a request on our website right away for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. All cases are accepted on a contingency basis, so you won’t have to pay our costs until we successfully collect money for you.