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Traumatic Brain Injury

Corpus Christi TBI Brain Injury Attorney

Traumatic Brain Injury

Corpus Christi Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney


As experienced traumatic brain injury (TBI) lawyers, we’re very familiar with the complex needs that come with a traumatic brain injury lawsuit. Whether caused by an auto accident, sports incident, a defective product, medical malpractice, or any other act of negligence, a TBI can completely change the life of the injury victim. Luckily, you may be entitled to financial compensation that covers all the costs stemming from the TBI as long as someone else’s negligence or fault caused it. At The Burkett Law Firm, helping Corpus Christi individuals recoup these benefits is what we do. Contact our Corpus Christi brain injury attorneys today to book a free case review and learn how we can protect your rights.

Common Signs and Symptoms of TBI

A traumatic brain injury occurs when there’s sudden brain trauma. Depending on the level and intensity of the injury, a head injury can lead to memory loss, emotional and mood issues, slurred speech, personality changes, confusion, disorientation and serious headaches. Unlike other physical injuries, TBIs, particularly in moderate cases, may not always show until after a few hours or even days following an accident. For that reason, it is critical that you seek medical attention immediately after an accident in order to establish whether you have suffered a head injury. Beginning treatment as soon as the accident occurs gives you the best chance for a full

If you suspect that you have suffered a head or brain injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, you should always discuss a possible legal claim with our skilled Corpus Christi TBI lawyers. At The Burkett Law Firm, we are familiar with the causes, symptoms, care, and treatment of TBI. We use that knowledge and expertise to protect the legal rights of individuals struggling with serious traumatic brain injuries that have been caused by other people’s negligence.

What Compensation Can I Get in My Traumatic Brain Injury Case?

Whether mild or severe, TBI symptoms can hinder your ability to resume work, go back to school, or even participate in everyday activities and conversations. Treatment for TBIs can quickly add up to millions of dollars, and most individuals who suffer these head injuries never fully recover to live a normal life again. Fortunately, injury victims and their family members may be able to recover compensation for all the damages resulting from a TBI caused by another person’s negligent act. Some of these damages include:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Home modification requirements
  • Loss of wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Emotional distress

Proving Fault in a TBI Case

Showing that someone else is responsible for your traumatic brain injury is not always easy. Because of your current state of mind, you may not be in a position to remember what you saw or what actually transpired. That’s why you need an expert’s opinion and representation to build a strong case. At The Burkett Law Firm of Corpus Christi, we work with a large team of experts who can help us in everything we need, from accident reconstruction to projection of future medical expenses. Coupled with our legal resources, this team of professionals plays a critical role in ensuring that our TBI clients get the full compensation available.

Contact an Experienced Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer for Help

If you or someone you love has suffered a serious brain injury because of another person’s negligence, you may qualify to get compensation under Texas law. By speaking with a TBI attorney from our Corpus Christi office, we can review your case and determine the best possible way to help you get the full compensation you deserve.

Throughout our years of practice, our personal injury lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in settlements for many of our TBI clients. We do not shy away from going head-to-head with tough litigations to get you the rightful monetary compensation, regardless of your case’s specific circumstances. Talk to us today to schedule a free initial consultation and case review. If you’d like to visit us, our office is conveniently located to serve you no matter where you are in the Corpus Christi metro or Coastal Bend region.