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3 Generations Fighting for Corpus Christi Injury Victims

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3 Generations of Corpus Christi Attorneys

Attorney David Burkett has over 40 years’ experience in personal injury law and The Burkett Law Firm has been part of the community for 60 years. Pride and connections in the community are the cornerstone of our law firm.

Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Law

Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. This is the highest certification a personal injury attorney can achieve in the state of Texas. Attorneys with this certification have the experience, knowledge, and documented success of bringing injury cases to trial.

Every Case is Personal

Every case that comes into The Burkett Law Firm is given every resource the firm has to offer. Medical experts, investigators, case specialists and over 40 years of legal experience. We are a family and treat each client as such.

Helping Texas Injury Victims Pursue Full and Fair Compensation

The Burkett Law Firm is a Texas law firm dedicated to providing professional, intelligent and effective legal assistance to individuals in the Corpus Christi metro and Coastal Bend region. We concentrate our practice on personal injury law.

Whether you were injured by a reckless driver or by an unreasonably dangerous product, we can help you pursue the maximum compensation you deserve for your medical bills, suffering and loss. We have worked on multimillion-dollar personal injury cases, and we handle claims involving car wrecks, truck accidents, motorcycle crashes, dangerous drugs, defective medical devices and much more.

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Call The Burkett Law Firm at 361-882-8822 for a free initial consultation for all personal injury cases in Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend Region in Texas. For your added convenience, we also offer evening consultations by appointment.

Corpus Christi injury attorney David Burkett explaining the impacts of car accident injuries including whiplash and spinal injuries.

Since 1960, our Corpus Christi attorneys at The Burkett Law Firm have been dedicated to helping injured people, grieving families, and other individuals obtain justice and compensation.

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