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Common Corpus Christi Boating Accidents

Common Corpus Christi Boating Accidents
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It’s estimated that there are around 5,000 boating accidents across the country every year. These accidents cause around 500 deaths while leaving thousands of other people with injuries.

While there are few things as nice and relaxing as spending time on the water, boating accidents can quickly ruin an otherwise perfect day. Unfortunately, many of the accidents that occur are due to someone’s carelessness. If this happens, it can result in significant losses and may limit your ability to enjoy your boat or the water in the state.

If you are involved in a boat accident and suffer an injury, it’s important to determine liability. Our personal injury lawyers at Burkett Law Firm can determine who was negligent and liable for the accident, injuries, and damages that occurred. We will also work to help you recover financial compensation.

Common Causes of Texas Boat Accidents

To avoid being involved in a boating accident in Texas, it’s smart to learn what some of the most common causes are.

Inexperienced Operators

Unlike driving a motor vehicle, where you have to engage in education, training, and take a test to receive a license, driving a boat doesn’t require this. In fact, the rules and regulations regarding who can receive a boating license are actually quite lax. Because of this, many inexperienced operators attempt to drive a boat, which results in accidents.

While the laws are lax in most states related to boating licenses, the state of Texas has enacted a law that requires anyone born after 1993 to take and pass a course and carry their education card any time they are operating a boat.

Inattentive Operations

Just like when you drive a car, it’s important to remain focused on the task at hand when operating a boat. If you don’t remain focused or pay attention to what is always going on around you, then the likelihood of a boat accident increases significantly.

Waves or Wake

Experienced boat operators can tell you how the water may be calm at one point and then quite dangerous the next. Usually, this occurs because of artificial waves resulting from other vessels passing you. If you don’t know how to navigate your boat in these conditions, the consequences can be dire. Significant waves or wake can result in someone falling out of the boat or in the entire vessel capsizing.

Obstructed Views

It’s important for a boat operator to have a clear and unobstructed view while they are driving. This ensures that the operator has a clear path to continue moving forward.

Mechanical Failure

If you own and operate a boat, you have a responsibility to keep it in safe and proper working order. If you don’t maintain the boat, a boating accident may occur.


Boating operators need to ensure their vessel is always kept at a safe speed. Not only is this necessary to avoid losing control of the boat, but to avoid other vessels and people who may be in the water.

Dangerous Waters

It’s necessary for boat operators to understand the areas where they will be using their boats. This includes watching out for strong currents, shallow waters, rocks, and other factors that may result in an accident.

Not Knowing the Navigation Rules

It’s worth noting that boating isn’t a “free for all” on the water. There are rules and regulations that must be followed by boat operators. It’s essential that you know how to safely navigate your boat to avoid potential accidents. This is one thing that is taught in the education course mentioned above.

Get in Touch with Our Personal Injury Lawyers at Burkett Law Firm for Assistance After a Boat Accident

When it comes to boating accidents in Texas, there are more than a few factors to understand. If you are involved in an accident, get in touch with our personal injury lawyers at Burkett Law Firm right away.

Our team will review the facts of the case, gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and ensure you get the maximum compensation from the at-fault party. Knowing the most common causes of accidents can help you prevent them; however, it’s important to note that accidents still happen. If you are involved in an accident, be sure to contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

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