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non-owner driver car accident

Texas Car Accident Caused By Non-Owner Driver: Sue The Driver Or Owner?

Every time you get behind the wheel you’re at risk of suffering an injury in a car accident. Even if you do everything you can to remain safe, there’s no way of knowing if another driver will act in a negligent manner. As you review the finer details of the accident, you may learn that the at-fault driver did not own the vehicle they were operating. This will add another layer of challenges to an already complex claims process. If you’re

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car insurance adjuster

Car Insurance Adjusters: What They Do & How To Talk To Them

Were you injured in a Texas car accident? Are you filing an insurance claim in an attempt to collect compensation for your injuries and other damages? The first call you’ll make is to your insurance agent. This person will gather the necessary information, start the claims process, and act as a general point of contact in the future. Sooner rather than later, a car insurance adjuster for the at-fault party will get involved. Also known as a claims adjuster, the

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blocks spelling punishment under a magnifying glass

What Are Punitive Damages In A Texas Personal Injury Case?

  If you have any type of personal injury case—whether it stems from a car crash, truck accident, or oil field accident—it’s critical to understand all of the potential damages you can seek. Punitive damages have nothing to do with your physical and emotional injuries from the accident. These damages are a monetary award given to the victim as a means of punishing the at-fault defendant for their negligent behavior that caused the accident. This award also helps to discourage

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hit and run car accident

Are Hit And Run Accidents Covered By Insurance In Texas?

If you’re involved in a car accident, it’s your hope that the other party stops their vehicle and remains on the scene to exchange information and speak with the police. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Hit and run accidents remain a major problem in Texas, with people fleeing the scene for reasons such as: They are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol and don’t want to go to jail; They were texting and driving (or engaging in some other

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two of the three types of distracted driving caused by grooming and cell phone use

Beyond Texting and Driving: The Many Types of Distracted Driving

We live in a world that constantly craves our attention. Online deals, social media feeds, and notifications on our phones seek to shift our focus in their direction, asking us to multi-task. But driving is one aspect of life that demands our concentration 100% of the time. The many types of distracted driving are a leading cause of car accidents across the U.S. and in Texas. When a driver focuses on something else other than driving, he/she can’t quickly react

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two men arguing about car accident damage

How to Show Accident Damage and Prove Who’s At Fault in an Accident Claim

Showing proof that someone caused your car accident damage and injuries is far more than he-said, she-said. If you’re preparing to file a car accident claim, simply pointing the finger won’t cut it. It takes several pieces of evidence to show accident damages and to prove who’s at fault.  If you don’t know what kind of evidence to include in your car accident claim, consult a skilled Corpus Christi car accident attorney at The Burkett Law Firm. We’re three generations

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Two people fighting over a good settlement offer

What Is A Good Settlement Offer After An Accident?

When you get injured, you may be eligible for a settlement offer. After all, about 95% of lawsuits end up getting settled before they go to court. This is for a few reasons: Going to court is time-consuming, expensive, and it can damage a person’s reputation. Settling is easier and a better financial decision, usually. You may be wondering what your settlement could be. If you’ve already gotten a settlement offer, you might be wondering if it’s a good offer.

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Child in a car seat to prevent child accident injuries

Child Accident Injuries: When Is The Parent At Fault?

As a parent, it goes without saying that you do your best to keep your children safe and healthy at all times. Unfortunately, even if you’re in the right frame of mind, it’s possible that you could make a mistake that increases the risk of child accident injuries. When children are involved in a car accident, you’ll likely have additional questions, concerns, and stress. Don’t hesitate to call on the knowledge and compassion of the Corpus Christi personal injury attorneys

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types of pain and suffering that can be calculated in a personal injury claim in Texas

What Is Included In Pain and Suffering and How Much Can You Get For It?

While watching personal injury cases on your favorite reality court shows on TV you may hear talk of someone suing another person for pain and suffering. Although you’ve heard it over and over again, you may not really know what it means. You also may not recognize that it is a major piece of a personal injury case. With over 40 years of experience in handling personal injury cases, The Burkett Law Firm understands pain and suffering all too well.

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Sports athlete receiving treatment for spinal injuries

The Dangers of Spinal Cord Injuries In Sports-Related Accidents

Playing sports can be beneficial to the body. It is a way to engage with others through teamwork, and promote overall health and well-being. Athletics, however, do not come without risk of injury to the spine. Spinal injuries are tragic events that take place in all types of physical sports including football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and gymnastics. Since spinal injuries can shake up an athlete’s way of living, our Corpus Christi spinal injury attorneys will walk you through how sports-related

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