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Steps to Take After a Corpus Christi Truck Accident

Accidents with a large truck can be traumatic and overwhelming. They often come out of nowhere, and the initial shock of the situation can create a sense of confusion and panic in your mind.

This chaos is worsened by the physical injuries you sustain (which are often significant in these situations).

Because truck accidents often lead to significant property damage and severe injuries, you must know what steps to take to protect your rights.

At The Burkett Law Firm, our Corpus Christi truck accident attorneys are dedicated to helping accident victims handle the legal process of recovering compensation after an accident. Besides providing knowledgeable and aggressive representation for your case, our team will help you understand the process.

Here, you can learn more about what to do right after a truck accident to protect your rights. Remember, contacting truck accidents near me soon after a collision is recommended to protect your rights.

Remain at the Accident Scene

It is important to remain at the scene of a truck accident. The only exception is if you experienced a severe injury requiring immediate hospital transport via ambulance.

According to Texas Transportation Code, you must remain at the scene and comply with the requirements outlined in Section 550.023. Failure to do this may result in criminal charges or other penalties, depending on the situation.

The requirements stipulate that you must exchange information with the other party. You also must help anyone in need if it is safe for you to do this.

Get to Safety

If possible, move your disabled vehicle out of the way of traffic. Turn on the hazard lights to ensure others see your vehicle.

Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. Remember, your adrenaline is activated when you are involved in a high-stress incident like a truck accident. This can act like a pain killer, and you may not notice you were injured until much later.

You should also check on others involved in the accident to see if they need assistance.

Call 911 or the Police

You must call 911 (or the police) after a truck accident. When you do this, authorities will come to the scene and create an accident report. If you are injured, you can request emergency services.

If possible, take note of the names and badge numbers of the people you interact with.

Make sure to find out how you can get a copy of the police report created at the accident scene.

Exchange Information with the Truck Driver

It is important to exchange information with the commercial truck driver. Information to request and give includes the following:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Vehicle description
  • Insurance information
  • License plate number

Record the name of the trucking company the driver works for and the truck number (if there is one).

Never admit fault or apologize for the accident when you talk to the truck driver.

Collect Evidence While at the Accident Scene

Take time to collect evidence while at the accident scene. One of the best ways to document what happened is by taking photos or videos of the scene, damage to your vehicle, the position of your vehicle and the truck, signs nearby, and your injuries. Having evidence like this right after the accident can be beneficial when you file a truck accident claim.

It is also smart to write down anything you can remember about the accident. As time passes, your memory will fade, and you may forget important details about what happened.

Seek Medical Treatment

You may feel fine after a truck accident. If this is true, you may believe you do not need medical treatment.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You may have experienced “hidden injuries” that take time to show symptoms, such as whiplash, internal injuries, or a TBI (traumatic brain injury). It is recommended that you seek a medical evaluation immediately after the accident. A doctor can run tests and evaluate your condition to find injuries and ensure they are treated.

Also, by seeking medical treatment directly after a truck accident, you have documentation that links your injuries to the incident. This is more evidence you can use to show what amount of compensation you deserve from the at-fault party.

Avoid Posting About Your Accident on Social Media

Social media offers an effective way to stay connected to family and friends. You may be tempted to post about the truck accident and how you feel.

Try to avoid giving in to this temptation. Do not comment or get involved, even if the accident was covered online or by the news. Anything you post on social media becomes public. Sometimes, the insurance company for the at-fault party can use what you say on these platforms to reduce the compensation you receive or deny your claim.

Do Not Issue a Recorded Statement or Sign Anything

A trucking company or insurance company representative may request a recorded statement or ask you to sign documents related to the accident. Never do this until you have spoken to Corpus Christi truck accident attorneys.

You may receive a settlement offer early in the process; however, these offers rarely represent the full compensation you deserve. Your attorney can review any request from these individuals and advise you about what to do.

When pursuing compensation after a truck accident, your lawyer is the only person on your side. You should turn to them for guidance regarding what to do.

Contact The Burkett Law Firm for Help with Your Truck Accident Case

If you are involved in a truck accident in Corpus Christi, our truck accident attorneys can help with your legal claim. We have represented hundreds of clients and helped them recover millions in compensation.

We can provide the same knowledgeable and aggressive representation to ensure you get the best possible outcome.