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Essential Information about Semi Truck Crash Investigations

After an accident with a semi-truck or other large truck involving injuries or fatalities, the authorities will carefully investigate the accident. The investigation considers factors like why the accident occurred and who is at fault.
While you may believe the authorities do everything possible to protect your interests, this is not always the case. That’s why most experts recommend hiring an experienced Corpus Christi truck accident lawyer from the Burkett Law Firm. Our team will protect your rights and work to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Semi Truck Crash Investigations
Semi Truck Crash Investigations

Why Police Investigations Aren’t Always Enough

For a more serious accident (which most truck accidents are), the police will investigate to figure out what they believe led to the crash.
They may investigate the driver and the truck itself to determine if any violations contributed to the accident, such as mechanical issues with the truck, speeding, or hours of service violations by the driver.
If the investigation is thorough depends on how severe the accident was and what injuries were sustained. It’s important to hire a truck accident attorney as early in the process as possible to protect your compensation claim.

Some Evidence May be Excluded or Left Out of the Crash Report

While the local authorities and DOT may complete an accident report, this report may not tell the whole story. Essential evidence may be left out. You should look at the crash report completed by the authorities as a type of starting point in an investigation after a truck accident.
The location of the accident plays a role in who investigates or reconstructs it, too. Based on the methodologies used by the investigating authorities who completed the accident report, it may or may not be admissible if your lawsuit goes to trial. An attorney will know what information must be included and work diligently to protect your interests in this situation.

Hiring an Experienced Attorney for Help

Accidents resulting in a severe injuries need to be investigated as soon after they occur as possible. Important evidence can disappear if it is not properly documented directly after the accident. Some of the information that needs to be recorded includes:

  • Survey of the scene
  • Information for all witnesses
  • Video evidence, if available
  • Inspection if a truck malfunction is suspected
  • Hours of service from the logbooks
  • Driver employee file and driving record
  • Training the driver underwent
  • Event data recorder information out of the truck

Some trucking companies have begun placing the truck involved in an accident back into service as soon as they can after an accident. This prevents a full inspection of the truck and its condition when the accident occurred. This is another reason to hire an attorney; they can ensure the proper inspections are done before the truck returns to service.

Remember Insurance Companies Have a Head Start

Many truck company insurance companies will send out an independent investigator to the accident scene. Their goal is to determine any possible defenses if you file a lawsuit.
The investigators are searching for any possible option they must defend the case and will work to find evidence that shows someone besides the truck driver was at fault for the accident.
In some situations, trucking companies have actual in-house investigators who arrive at the scene of an accident before the vehicles are even moved. They may also have attorneys on a retainer.
It is essential to document as much as possible about the scene. This includes:

  • Debris
  • Skid marks
  • Resting positions
  • Gouge marks

If you don’t have someone on your side collecting evidence, you may be at a disadvantage later.

What a Professional Inspection May Reveal After a Truck Accident

Your attorney will ensure a thorough investigation of the accident scene and truck is conducted. This will include photographs and any damage that occurred. It will also include the vehicle’s individual components like the tires, brakes, and other maintenance problems. The driver’s daily vehicle inspection reports that describe any issues with the truck will also be reviewed.

Finding the Best Truck Accident Attorney

If you are involved in a truck accident or if someone in your family was killed because of a truck accident, you must seek legal representation right away. Our team is ready to help you with your case and protect your interests to help you recover the compensation you deserve.
We encourage you to contact our team right away to schedule a free consultation. We can discuss your case and needs and ensure you get the quality representation you need. Being informed and protecting your legal rights to compensation is highly recommended. This will help you recover from your injuries and the losses experienced due to the accident.


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