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2020 Black Friday: New Measures and Common Injuries

2020 Black Friday: New Measures and Common Injuries
2020 Black Friday: New Measures and Common Injuries

Black Friday is here again. A day full of massive bargains, frenzied customers, and crushing crowds, altogether resulting in an often dangerous shopping experience. That means the likelihood of getting injured at the stores during the holiday shopping season is usually high. But the danger is heightened this year by a pandemic, which has spurred many retailers to implement safety measures. Below we discuss what preparations retail stores in Corpus Christi and all of Texas are taking to mitigate the risk of injury and illness during the 2020 Black Friday period.

Preparations for 2020 Black Friday 

Particularly during Black Friday and other massive sales events, stores feel the pressure of their legal obligation to ensure shoppers’ and employees’ safety. Across the country, stores take extra steps to ensure that no one gets injured within their premises by implementing various crowd management measures such as:

  • Using security personnel to man entrances/exits.
  • Regulating the number of in-store shoppers.
  • Using ropes or barricades to hold back unruly shoppers.

In the wake of this year’s pandemic, however, shopping habits are changing. Stores have been forced to make significant readjustments not only to ensure safety but also to curb the spiking COVID-19 numbers. Readjustments include:

While these measures play a critical role in avoiding the clamor and clutter of shopping malls and retail stores, they don’t completely eliminate the presence of in-store shoppers, and by extension, the risk of suffering personal injury.

Common Black Friday injuries

Black Friday sales draw thousands of frantic shoppers. As they hunt for parking spots and fight their way through the crowds, some suffer serious injuries and sometimes death. Below are common Black Friday injuries:

Shopper vs. shopper injuries

Each year, many shoppers get injured by other shoppers in different ways, ranging from physical altercations, jostling, and trampling. To avoid this, it’s always a good idea to shop during the least crowded times of the day and seek assistance from the store’s security officers if any person threatens you. Nevertheless, if another shopper causes you injuries, you need to report the incident and file a claim. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding your case, an experienced Corpus Christi personal injury attorney can help you hold the at-fault party (shopper or store) liable for the accident.

Store slip and falls

Even though some stores encourage customers to wear appropriate footwear and walk with caution, it’s not uncommon for shoppers to slip and fall in shopping malls and retail stores. During Black Friday sales, the risk of slipping while shopping increases due to crowds and the rush to visit different stores. Whether caused by misplaced items, slick floors, or other hazardous conditions, slip, trip, and fall accidents can cause severe injuries. Even worse, proving your injury was the store’s fault can be tough. That’s why you need to contact an injury lawyer immediately after the accident.

Parking lot accidents

As the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday leads to crowded parking lots, parking chaos, and fender benders. In fact, a recent study shows that the number of parking lot accidents tends to jump by 25 percent on Black Friday. Pay close attention when driving or walking in order to protect yourself against parking lot injuries. If your children are accompanying you, take them by the hands at all times, and remain on high alert.

Suffered Black Friday injuries? 

Black Friday should be a fun shopping opportunity to complete your loved ones’ holiday wish lists. However, things can quickly turn disastrous; you may slip and fall in the store, suffer an accident in the parking lot, or suffer injuries because of another shopper.

If you suffer an injury while Black Friday shopping and suspect someone else is to blame, contact our Corpus Christi personal injury attorney for legal assistance. Our experienced injury lawyers will help you identify who is legally responsible for your injuries and work with you to recover a full and fair settlement.


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